Intimate Camps turns 10

The road which lead to the creation of ‘Intimate Places Camping’ started 10 years ago this month with the recruitment of Peter Mushi, our charismatic camps manager.

‘Intimate Places Camping’ was born out of a passion which the company’s founder developed as a teenager whilst on Safari in a private and exclusive camp in the Maasai Mara in Kenya. Outfitted by ‘Tippets Safaris,’ one of the leading operators of the time, this camp provided Marc and his family with an incredible wilderness experience, one which they returned to each year for very many years.

The technology available to luxury mobile camping operators has evolved since those early days (Marc is now in his 50’s!) and our tents are equipped with a great many more creature comforts such as electricity, proper lighting and flush toilets. However, the experience of sharing your own private space in the wilderness with your family and friends remains unchanged.

We have decided to recognise 10 years of successful operations by renaming ‘Intimate Places Camping’ as ‘Intimate Camps.’

We look forward to having the opportunity of welcoming you to your own home in the wilderness in the future.