By virtue of its location just outside of the Serengeti National Park, Buffalo Luxury Camp offers a range of activities which are not normally readily available on the Tanzania Northern Safari circuit. The availability of these activities makes the camp much more than a just a great place to stay. Buffalo Luxury Camp is a complete Safari experience in its own right!

Guided Game & Nature Walks

As guests of Buffalo Luxury Camp, you will be able to participate in a number of different guided game & nature walks. These walks are the best way to get as close as possible to the wildlife, birdlife and nature that you travel to Tanzania to experience. Being in the bush, surrounded by all the sights, sounds and smells that Africa has to offer is something that cannot be experienced from inside a Safari car. An important part of these walks is to understand the ecology of the area you are visiting as well as to gain basic skills in tracking, dung identification and medicinal uses of trees and bushes in Maasai culture. There is no better way to experience Africa's wilderness than on foot and all of our walks are guided by a trained Maasai tracker-guide as well as an armed ranger whose job it is to keep you safe at all times.

Please note that the cost of one guided walk is already included in your accommodation rates.

Night Game Drives

For 'fly-in' guests, night game drives are conducted in the camp's own open vehicle with our Maasai tracker seated in the jump seat to the front of the vehicle with a spot-light to help locate wildlife. The experience of a game drive at night is very different from one during the day and our guests have seen aardvark, striped hyena, lions on a hunt and kill, leopard hunting, elephants, impala, zebra, owls, night jar, bush babies and many giraffe. There is a pride of lions with their territory not far from the camp, a male leopard which often roams nearby the property and black rhino which have been introduced into the Northern Serengeti are known to wander into the Ololosokwan area from time to time.

Please note that the cost of one night game drive per person is already included in our accommodation rates for fly-in guests..

Maasai and cultural-community interactions

The Maasai are among the best known of African tribes due to their adherence to their distinctive customs and dress. Whereas many of the Maasai bomas to be found on the Northern Safari circuit are geared entirely toward tourism, the Maasai of Ololosokwan remain unaffected by large scale tourism and are therefore always enthusiastic about sharing their cultural beliefs with the few visitors they receive from the very limited tourist facilities which exist in the area. A visit among the local people of Tanzania can easily become one of the most rewarding experiences of a visit to Africa. Whilst the amazing wildlife and stunning landscapes often take the limelight, the unique native tribes provide a wonderful opportunity to experience Africa in a way that may touch visitors lives forever.

Sundowners and Bush Dinners

During the course of your stay with us, you will be invited to enjoy a sundowner cocktail while watching the sunset over the Serengeti National Park from a special vantage point. This will be followed by a bush dinner in an authentic Maasai kraal, complete with acacia brush. A camp fire and the beautiful starlit African night sky serve to complete what can only be described as a memorable experience.

Please note that the cost of a sundowner cocktail and bush dinner are already included in your accommodation rates.

Balloon Safaris

As guests of Buffalo Luxury Camp, you can also enjoy a balloon safari from the Lobo area with 'Adventures Aloft Serengeti'. Adventures Aloft has two A415 balloons from Cameroon Balloons, each with a flying capacity of 16 passengers.

Please contact your local ground handler for any additional information you may require.

Special Family and Children Activities

The Buffalo Luxury Camp staff have designed various fun activities for children and families to enhance family Safaris. Please let us know what you and your children might be interested in and we can provide shorter bush walks, opportunities to learn about the stars in the southern hemisphere and how to identify various animals tracks and dung. Our goal is to allow family members to celebrate everything that is "Tanzania" and to enjoy the unique experiences that our camp has to offer.

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