It would be impossible for us to mention every member of the Intimate Places team in the space available to us here. We have therefore restricted ourselves to introducing only those team members with whom you are likely to interact with as part of your Intimate Places Safari experience:

Marc Lawson

Marc Lawson MIH, Managing Director

Born in Kenya, Marc is a career hotelier who graduated with a diploma in hotel management from Thames Valley University in the United Kingdom in the early 1980’s and who has worked in as well as managed hotels around the globe. From city centre hotels in London to beach resorts in the Maldives, the Carribean, Kenya and Zanzibar and Safari lodges and camps in Tanzania, Marc’s depth of knowledge in the hotel industry is considerable. Together with his wife Mia and close friend Carl Salisbury, he established ‘Intimate Places Tanzania’ in March 2004 and set out to provide his guests with extraordinary Safari experiences on the Tanzania Northern Safari circuit. With the assistance of a team of dedicated professionals, he has built the business from one small property in Arusha to one which is able to cover all of the important attractions in Northern Tanzania.

Mia Lawson

Mia Lawson, Finance Director

Born and bred in Sweden, Mia first visited Tanzania in 1990 as a tour guide working for a Scandinavian tour operator. Having fallen in love with the country, she decided to stay on at the end of contract and started her career as a destination management professional based in Arusha. She ‘cut her teeth’ with some of the early pioneers in the Tanzania Safari industry and eventually started her own company which she later sold to a Danish company. She retired from tour operations to take over the financial management of Intimate Places in 2007 and has won numerous accolades from the Tanzania Revenue Authority for the very precise manner in which she manages the company’s accounts. Mia’s passion for the nature and wildlife to be found in Tanzania has not dimmed over the years and she has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro no less than 9 times! She is a sitting member of the board of the Hotel Association of Tanzania (HAT) and is also their national treasurer.

Carl Salisbury

Carl Salisbury MBE, Director

Born in Wrexham in Wales, Carl moved to Zanzibar in 1991 where he established ZanAir, Zanzibar’s premier airline. A few years later he founded ZanTours which is now one of the leading Inbound tour operating companies on the island. He joined Intimate Places as a director and shareholder in 2004 and plays an important role in the development of the company. On top of running three successful businesses, Carl is also the British Honorary Consul in Zanzibar. In 2013 he was awarded an MBE for services rendered to Her Majesty’s Government.

Nicholas Lawson, Sales & Marketing Manager

Born in Kenya and brought up in Mombasa and Zanzibar, Nicholas developed a passion for the hospitality business from his family. He earned a joint honors degree in Marketing & Economics from Aberystwyth University in Wales from where he joined Automobili Lamborghini in Italy in their public relations department. However, even the prospect of spending the rest of his life driving Lamborghini supercars was no match for his passion for Africa and the hospitality industry and so he returned to Tanzania to take up the position of business development manager for Intimate Places.

Wayne Trollip

Wayne Trollip, Manager Buffalo Luxury Camp

Born on the outskirts of Rustenburg, close by Pilannesberg National Park, Wayne was fortunate enough to have a very early introduction to both wildlife and nature. He knew from a very early age that he wanted a career working with wild animals in their natural environment. Immediately after finishing school, he enrolled in numerous courses to include guiding, animal tracking, looking after animal and plant life and even snake handling. With his guiding qualifications under his belt, Wayne embarked on a career as a guide working for a number of lodge and camp operations in the national parks of South Africa. It was at this time that he discovered an altogether new passion for hotel keeping. So began his integration into hotel management which he pursued with the same vigor as he had previously shown for his guiding. Through a combination of determination and sheer hard work, Wayne was able to work his way through hotel school whilst gaining experience in camps and lodges as well as guiding which he continued to do in order to support himself financially. He was recruited by Intimate Places Tanzania from Matswani Private Reserve where he was tourism and relief manager. Wayne brings to the table a very rare combination of both hotel management experience as well as acute guiding skills. Aside from managing the day to day affairs of the camp with his wife Licia, Wayne still takes guests for game drives and game walks whenever the opportunity for him to do so presents itself.

Licia Trollip

Licia Trollip, Executive Chef / Manageress Buffalo Luxury Camp

Born in George on the famous ‘Garden Route’ of South Africa, Licia started cooking with her Italian father from a very early age. When she finished schooling, her heart was set on becoming a world class chef and so she joined the Cordon Bleu Cookery School in Johannesburg from where she qualified with a diploma in the culinary arts. Over the course of the next decade, Licia worked her way up the ranks through the kitchens of a number of 5 start hotels and resorts in South Africa and, during the course of her career, has cooked for a number of dignitaries to include Winnie Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Wanting to share the knowledge and experience acquired during these important years in her career development, Licia undertook a course of studies at the Culinary Institute to enable her to teach the culinary arts to others on a professional basis. However, before she could start imparting her considerable knowledge to others, she and her husband Wayne were headhunted by Intimate Places Tanzania to take over as managers of Buffalo Luxury Camp where they have since been employed.

Peter Mushi

Peter Mushi, Manager Intimate Camps

Born in Machame on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, Peter started his career as a driver for one of the camping operators based in Karatu. It was whilst driving a lorry around the national parks of Tanzania that he developed his passion for luxury mobile camping (also known as “Glamping”) Seeing no prospects for career development with his employer at the time, he joined Intimate Places in 2005 as a supply driver. When the company invested in its own luxury mobile camps, Peter was quick to see an opportunity and through a combination of passion, hard work and determination, he was able to work his way up to the position of manager of all of the company’s mobile camping operations. Peter’s enthusiasm for his job is highly contagious and he and his team have won industry recognition as well as countless awards for their very fine work.

Melau Laitalia

Melau Laitalia, Professional Guide / Assistant Manager Buffalo Luxury Camp

Born in Makami Village, Melau hails from the famous Maasai tribe. His name means “lucky one who does not miss anything” in the Maasai language. Melau joined the hotel industry soon after leaving school and worked in a number of camps and lodges on the Tanzania Northern Safari circuit before joining Buffalo Luxury Camp as a receptionist in 2010. During his time with the camp, he rose to the position of assistant camp manager. In 2012, he was given an opportunity to join andBeyond on their ranger guiding course. Having developed a passion for nature and wildlife during his years at Buffalo Luxury Camp, he seized the opportunity and became a highly trained guide. However, the passion for the hotel industry continued to burn in him and so he rejoined Buffalo Luxury Camp as head guide and assistant camp manager in 2015. Aside from his management responsibility, Melau thrives on taking guests out for game walks and game drives and sharing his knowledge with the team of guides who work under him.

Jane Massawe

Jane Massawe, Reservations Manager, Intimate Places

Born in Arusha, Jane obtained a diploma in hotel operations management from the Sila Vocational Training Centre of Tourism and Hotels in 2003. Having pursued a career in the front of house departments in a number of Arusha hotels, she joined Intimate Places as a receptionist at Mount Meru Game Lodge in 2011. Through her dedication and hard work, she received several promotions; first to head receptionist, then to assistant reservations manager and finally to reservations manager and marketing officer for the company. Jane is blessed with a cheerful disposition, is committed to the hotel industry and we are very fortunate to have her as part of our dedicated team of professionals.

Our Specialist Guides

Intimate Places also retains the services of a team of specialist guides whose services are intended to enhance our guests Safaris with us. Whether you have a particular interest in learning a great deal about the wildlife and birdlife you will encounter as part of your Safari or whether you have a keen interest in photography and would like to enhance your skills behind a camera, our team can be on hand to assist you. And for those of our guests who would like to turn their Safari into in culinary expedition, we have highly trained and experienced chefs who will create the most exquisite meals only for you.

Paul Joynson

Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE, Professional Photographic Guide

Born and bred in the United Kingdom, Paul has spent the last 20 years living and working as a wildlife and travel photographer in East and Central Africa. His work has been widely published and he has several wildlife and travel photography books demonstrating the breadth of his photographic knowledge and diversity of his life experiences. At the very heart of his photography is an exuberant passion for Africa and having travelled extensively throughout the East African region, Paul is fluent in Swahili, is a Tanzanian citizen and has an insightful perception of local cultures. He also has a deep and passionate interest in wildlife and birdlife adding an extra dimension to the photographic angle he brings.

Richard Knocker

Richard Knocker, Professional Guide

Born on a farm in Kenya, Richard has been going on Safari for as long as he can remember. After a stint in camp management in both Tarangire National Park and Serengeti National Park, Richard joined Nomad Safari Guides and was a driving force behind their efforts to develop new Safari ideas in exciting destinations, as well as helping to mould a new generation of motivated guides through his involvement in the company’s guide training program. His passion for the bush life remains undimmed and he revels in the opportunity to introduce likeminded enthusiasts to the joys of the African wilderness.

Clint Schipper

Clint Schipper, Professional Guide

Born in Australia, Clint has had a lifelong fascination with natural history. Starting as a 12-year-old with bird book in hand, he would head out into the Australian bush, trying to see and identify as many birds as possible, also collecting lizard, frogs, snakes and yabbies’ along the way. Following his childhood passion, Clint successfully gained his Zoology Degree with Honors at La Trobe University, Melbourne. He then worked for the Flora and Fauna Department, Department of Natural Resources and Environment in Victoria. Before arriving in Tanzania, Clint travelled and worked in the wildlife field in the United States, Europe, Uganda, Kenya and Papua New Guinea. Clint’s first “taste of Africa” was a five year stint in Uganda. His work was interesting and varied, having worked as a lead ornithologist on biological expeditions, seasonal bird bander, volunteer chimpanzee care giver, Uganda Wildlife Authority work-shop trainer, fishing guide, safari guide and lodge manager. Clint is a trained and qualified wilderness first-aid responder. He has also published a number of papers in internationally recognized scientific journals. For Clint, gaining experience through working with wildlife and the people of the region constantly heightens his interest and love of the East African environment. His academic grounding and contagious sense of humour, combined with his keen eye for wildlife and birds, and his understanding of the people and customs of the region mean that your safari will be an all-encompassing experience.

Eugen Mrosso

Eugen Mrosso, Professional Guide

Born in Rombo at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, Eugen (or Mrosso as he prefers to be called) was trained as a tour guide by the Tanzania Wildlife Services with whom he still regularly undergoes refresher courses. He has worked as a professional guide for the past 22 years during which he has taken many thousands of clients on Safari on the Tanzanian Northern Safari circuit. Mrosso is passionate about the nature and the wildlife to be found in the country of his birth and derives enormous pleasure from sharing his considerable knowledge and experience with his clients. He is himself well travelled having spent time in both Europe and the United States.

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