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Welcome to Intimate Places!

Intimate Places Tanzania is a provider of ’boutique’ accommodation in Tanzania. Our aim is to bring you as close to nature and wildlife as possible in locations which are small, exquisitely presented and tended by people who excel in the art of pre-empting the desires of our guests. | Read more about us here.


We are very pleased to announce that both Buffalo Luxury Camp and Intimate Places Camping have won 11 awards in different categories at the prestigious Safari Awards.

What our Guests say…

Testimonials from Tripadvisor

“Terrific views and super nice staff”

We stayed for 2 nights during, making this the most northern point of our safari.

The staff went out of their way to make our family feel welcome and pampered. The phrase “like home” would be just such an understatement. Our home does not come with staff that makes you popcorn or crepe when you just feel like it in the afternoon. At our home, there are no freshly backed muffins and cups of freshly brewed coffee waiting in the morning in front of a tent with breathtaking view…

Doug D Toronto, Canada

“Just Fantastic!”

My wife and I recently spent a weekend away at Buffalo in the Serengeti. What a wonderful place and great weekend.

We did a safari drive in their open safari vehicle on the way to the Lodge. Wow – it was awesome. We were especially impressed with the amount and variety of swala (Hartebeast, Topi, Impala, Grants & Thompson Gazelle, Water Buck, Eland etc etc).

The food was especially wonderful, with some excellent variety – BBQ, Pasta’s, Salads etc. Really enjoyed the meals. Also – they lit a large open fire which we stood around at night and chatted.

rjwagenerArusha, Tanzania